God called me to move from the US across the world and when I did I met my husband, Kashif, whose passion for the lost and for God are so contagious.  The ministry is amazing and being part of the celebrations is such a special gift.  I am so excited to see how God continues to move here and spreads His name throughout the labor camps and am blessed to be part of it.


Gareth is the Senior Pastor of New Life Church in the local area. His extensive experience in India and been an blessing to our ministry in helping us reach the Eastern culture.  We continue to lean on him for his wisdom.

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KASHIF, the Original Nomad


June is a business leader and a part of the South Korean church. They currently help run our largest Christmas events, reaching over a thousand Nomads each year.


Steve is the Senior Pastor of the newly planted church in the local area. Many of the labor camps are located in nearby and Steve's church will play a key role in building on potential synergies with Nomads.



At an early age Ben felt the spirit of God nudging him to go overseas to help others. During university, God solidified that longing by placing it on his heart to used his career for a higher purpose. The work in the labor camps had already been occurring prior to Ben arriving in the Middle East and his role since has simply been to help take it to the next level. Nomads was founded in 2015 and it is just the beginning for what God has in store. Never have we seen such an opportunity to touch millions of  people in one location who come from some of the most difficult countries to reach.


In 2006, Kashif arrived at a labor camp in the Middle East as a migrant worker and brought the light of Jesus to his roommates. From this encounter, the gospel rapidly spread throughout the labor camps. Ten years later, though divine intervention, this unique opportunity to advance God's kingdom into the unreached corners of the earth via the Middle East was formalized and Nomads was founded. 

Kashif has an amazing testimony of faith despite his family facing persecution back home in Pakistan. Many Nomads share a similar testimony and can be heard by contacting Nomads directly!