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Danielle felt called from the US all the way across the world to play a key role in developing what is now the foundation for Nomads. She is excited to see how God continues to move and spread His name throughout the labor camps!


Steve is the Senior Pastor of the newly planted church in the local area. Many of the labor camps are located in nearby and Steve's church will play a key role in building on potential synergies with Nomads.


Tyler is a transformed follower of Jesus Christ who has a passion to see people encounter and receive the love of our Heavenly Father. He enjoys using his experience and talents to serve in the amazing grace God provides to help lead people into a deeper relationship with the Son.


Joon is a business leader and an elder of the Korean church. They currently help run our largest Christmas events, reaching over a thousand Nomads each year.


God called Ben by placing on his heart the desire to use his career for a higher purpose to help others overseas.  Never have we seen such an opportunity to touch millions of  people in one location who come from some of the most difficult countries to reach.